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Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah

For nearly two decades, our leading Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers at Utah’s Lawyers have provided customized legal solutions for Utah residents who have been hurt in collisions caused by negligent drivers.

We understand that getting hurt in a crash can change your life, leaving you with mounting medical bills, the inability to work — which means a lack of income — and out-of-pocket expenses that can place your livelihood in significant financial jeopardy.

Our Salt Lake County personal injury lawyers want to help ensure you are not left paying these substantial expenses out of pocket. Collectively, our law firm has handled thousands of cases, hundreds of trials, and developed legal solutions at every stage of the personal injury litigation process. We can help you and your family seek the positive resolution you deserve, too. Contact us today to learn more.

Utah’s Lawyers Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney Practice Areas

When our Utah residents are injured because of another driver’s negligence, their lives are changed in an instant. Our personal injury attorneys in Salt Lake City are here to help put the pieces back together, so they can take back control of their lives.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah?

The main reason accident victims benefit from partnering with an experienced Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer is that they can focus on their physical and emotional recovery while their attorney outlines their claim and begins negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

The insurance company is not inclined to offer a maximum settlement amount to an individual who is pursuing a personal injury claim on their own. This is because the insurance company does everything it can to protect its bottom line. That means forcing the injured person to provide extensive evidence that their policyholder was at fault for the crash, and complete medical records and supporting physician statements that verify the extent of their injuries.

Even if you can provide what you believe is sufficient evidence to prove both liability and damages, the insurance company can still claim it is not enough. The representatives will bet on the fact that you do not know any better, and will stand by their valuation of your injury claim. We can counter their position with facts, legal statutes, experience, skill, and resources that allow you to pursue maximum recovery.

In addition, if you have been injured in a crash involving a commercial truck or rideshare service, there may be multiple parties that can be pursued for your full financial recovery, which will require the expertise of a dedicated personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City to identify.

If you have been injured by an impaired, speeding, distracted, or otherwise negligent driver in Utah, we want to help you hold the liable party — or combination of parties — accountable for your full financial recovery.

Contact us today to learn more about our personal injury legal strategies that produce results.

Can I Partner with a Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney if I Already Started the Recovery Process?

Yes. Many personal injury victims will attempt to pursue their claim directly with the insurance company. We understand. Nearly everyone expects the insurance company to do the right thing after they have been injured in a crash with its negligent policyholder. Even when there is clear evidence that the person who caused your injuries ran a red light, was intoxicated, or otherwise negligent, it will not stop the insurance company from undervaluing or outright denying your claim.

This is typically when individuals and families turn to our skilled Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers for help. We are happy to review your case during a free consultation, even if the insurance company has already responded to your claim. If you have not accepted their settlement offer or cashed their check, we may be able to help.

What is My Utah Personal Injury Claim Worth?

There are two separate types of damages Utah injury victims may be eligible to pursue from the at-fault party’s insurance coverage: Economic Damages and Non-Economic Damages.

Economic damages are intended to compensate accident victims for actual, measurable monetary losses, which may include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Income
  • Lost Earning Capacity
  • Property Loss
  • Household Services

Non-economic damages compensate victims for the intangible losses, which may include:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Loss of Enjoyment
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Disfigurement

In Utah, the statute of limitations for most personal injury cases is four years from the date of the accident. However, it is important to speak with a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer immediately after the crash, so we can begin preserving critical evidence that will allow us to help build your case for success.

Experienced Attorneys, Real Results: We are Utah’s Lawyers, Heugly & Bludworth Attorneys at Law

At Utah’s Lawyers, our dedicated Salt Lake City personal injury attorneys provide unique legal insight and customized strategies that allow individuals and families to pursue the maximum financial outcome for their claims.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case by calling (801) 316-0245.

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